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SONUS is a concert agency for musicians and musicologists who have specialised, either in their training and/or in the course of their careers, in historically informed practice: in playing authentic instruments, in special techniques of singing, stylistically appropriate ornamentation and improvisation, often going together with the search for, and the interpretation of, forgotten works of earlier epochs.
That doesn't necessarily mean that for instance a singer represented by SONUS doesn't also sing contemporary music, or that a baroque orchestra may not award a contract for new compositions and perform them on stage. It doesn't mean either that our musicians only give academically-informed, dry-as-dust performances according to historical sources and research results. Rather, they strive to captivate their audiences with lively and fetching interpretations - which, as a rule, get even better when the musicians aim at authenticity. So all the musicians represented by SONUS devote their attention in the first place to early music and the appropriate means of performance. And they do this at the highest standards.


Andrea Braun, director of SONUS, has had much opportunity to acquire great competence in judging and classifying performances and musicians during her longstanding work as a critic, journalist and festival reporter in early music. Therefore, our agency only represents musicians whom Andrea Braun has experienced on stage herself and of whose musical achievement she is convinced. We don't choose musicians on the basis of a CD-recording!
Thus, we can respond precisely and individually to the wishes and ideas of our clients - both musicians and concert organisers because we are able to assess a musician's abilities; we know the excellences (as well as the failings) of our artists.
So in the German version of our website you'll find below each biography a section: 'SONUS about...', where we tell you why SONUS decided to promote this particular artist or that special ensemble (English translation will follow soon).


Already as a schoolgirl, even before starting her studies in the humanities at the universities of Würzburg, Eichstätt and Cairo, SONUS founder and director Andrea Braun began to teach music to children, direct choirs and work as a critic.

After she got her degrees (a M.A. in German literature and philology as well as a M.A. in philosophy and several other degrees in humaninies) she started a career in the business world as a consultant and, later, as business manager of an institute for psychological research. That wasn’t very thrilling, but it supplied her with nowadays quite useful expertise in management, advertising, public relations, client acquisition and fundraising.

But soon Andrea decided to apply herself exclusively to the good things in life and went freelance as a critic in early music. Henceforth she spent a good part of the year travelling to wonderful festivals, fascinating concerts and interesting courses, thus extending her knowledge about how to captivate an audience - and a critic - in a quite intense way. Her work as a reviewer is documented in countless radio programmes (e.g. on Deutschlandfunk, BR Klassik, WDR, SWR, mdr), articles and reviews in newspapers and magazines (among them Toccata - Alte Musik Aktuell, Concerto, ensemble, Musik und Kirche, Das Orchester and many others).

Besides, several labels, organisations and ensembles engaged in the field of classical music employ her to write musicological texts for their programme-books or CD-booklets, or ask her to do translations, relying on her expert knowledge of the subject matter as well as the specific terminology, acquired in numerous interviews, conversations and discussions in several languages.

Also she's more and more often invited to join jurys of international competitions of (early and even not so early) music, or to give lectures for students, instructors or directors of cultural organisations on topics around early music in theory and practice, or about training and education in this field.

In 2009 Andrea Braun founded SONUS, an agency for early music, with the aim to apply her expertise in the field of early music to the benefit of the musicians represented by SONUS and of the festival and concert organisers the agency works with.

Direction: Andrea Braun
Tel.: +49 (0)931 71423
e-Mail: info@sonus-alte-musik.de