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Specialist language services in the field of music

SONUS is not only a service provider around concerts and training, but we also offer translations, especially in the field of music. Nearly every CD-booklet and a lot of programme-texts contain mistakes or leave a strange feeling within a native speaker, because the translator is not familiar with musical vocabulary - which often can't be found in dictionarys (our favourite example: cornet = Kornett!)

We translate your texts correctly and quickly from English, Dutch or French language into German. Prices range between 0,12 € and 0,24 € per (German) word, depending of the difficulty of the text and the urgency of a translation (over night translations are more expensive).

Furthermore we're specialised in writing scientifically well-grounded, but easy-to-read texts for programme brochures - or even your biography.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information and offers.

Music notation

Another service we offer is professional music notation, in which our collegue Alexander Arlt is specialised. Here you'll find further information.

Direction: Andrea Braun
Tel.: +49 (0)931 71423
e-mail: info@sonus-alte-musik.de