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Concert & Consulting

Help with musical and technical questions of a performance

ZinkenThis offer is aimed at students and young professionals alike, as well as experienced professional or amateur musicians: be it that you prepare as a student or professional musician for an exam, a concert, a competition, or be it, that you want to learn more about understandability and impact of a new programme, or be it, that you just would like to have an outside pair of good ears to hear the sound and interplay of your ensemble / instrument in a particular or new line-up; or that you as an instrumentalist, singer, ensemble, choir or orchestra with little or no knowledge of historical performance practice, would like to join this scene and seek competent support.

In addition, we also offer interview training.

But relevant issues in this context would also be how you yourself on stage affect the audience, what impression the interactions in the ensemble or orchestra have on your listeners.

All of these can be topics in a coaching process.
That's why we do not want to provide you with generally valid offers, but seek together with you for a solution tailored to your individual situation and needs.

Please get in touch with us for more information.
Help with psychologically caused problems of musicians

Bild_BraunA little stage-fright before a concert is quite supportive for an enchanting performance. But in case this stage-fright becomes more and more intense and grows into severe anxiety (extreme stage-fright, performance anxiety, phobia of facing public situations...) affected musicians should act against it. And simple relaxation exercises often can't stop this any more.

In collaboration with the psychologist Professor Dr. Peter Braun from the GAPF Applied Psychological Research in W├╝rzburg our agency offers you to learn to cope with onset fears, psychological performance impairments and tendencies to stress syndromes.
On the basis of current research in neurobiology, psychophysiology and cognitive psychology stress experiences in their positive and negative aspects are discussed. You'll think about how to design frameworks to help you deal with the problem, how to use mental training methods to influence your own symptoms and reactions. Finally, social-interaction conditions can be optimized.
You'll develope preventive as well as acute and retrospective coping concepts.

It is a one-to-one help that can take one or several hours depending on your needs. On request, courses with several participants can be offered.
We don't want to specify schematic offers for this, but will look for a customized solution for your individual situation together with you.

Please contact us for more information.