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ZinkenYou are conceiving great projects and programmes, you really have something to offer to your listeners and audiences?
Then you should communicate it in an appropriately ambitious way.

Unfortunately, though, in my work as a music journalist, agent, or also as a member of juries, I regularly experience that an excellent ensemble or a festival with a truly extraordinary and exciting programme does not receive the response that one should expect.
This is often also due to inadequate texts: be they poorly structured, semantically or logically not stringent, contentwise or stylistically too scholarly... — the pitfalls are there many, and it is not easy to bypass them all, if one is not especially trained and qualified for this.

I am.

Already during my time at the university, I have dealt with the function and effect of language on a scientific basis. And I've been writing texts for decades — mostly on music, for specialist and public magazines, radio, CD booklets and concert programmess. But I also write and edit programme texts, biographies and offers for the musicians represented by our agency.

I would like to make this expertise, born of experience in combination with the knowledge that I acquired through my humanities studies, available to you .
Therefore, I offer both, presenters and musicians, to create professionally put biographies and texts, with which you can convey your programmes, projects or festival themes in perfect German, understandable, well structured and appealing to readers, media and audiences. Or to redact your own texts.
I also like to present lectureconcerts or introductory events for concerts, where the audience can be sure to have a good time, but at the same time doubtless will learn a lot.

Don't forget: only very few concert goers or CD buyers can really discern what you do musically — but they all are able to read!

ZinkenIn addition to texts on the subject of music, I also offer you translations from the field of music — in which even experienced, but in terms of music unacquainted translators often fail: almost every translated programme text, each CD booklet contains errors, which could have been avoided, had the translations been made by an expert in the field of music. Also, because many of the relevant terminology can not even be found in the most detailed dictionaries.

I translate your programmess, CD-booklets, your website or your promotional materials from English, Dutch, Flemish and French correctly into easy-to-read German language. Competent, punctual and reliable.


Standard price: 0,14 € per (German) word.

If the text is particularly difficult, this price may increase slightly.

Overnight-orders: 0,20 € per (German) word.